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Use of the Feedback Forum

Back when I first created these forums, I pretty much threw together the descriptions of each of the sub-forums: I wanted them to be both fun and descriptive, and I'm happy to see I succeeded.

Except on one count.

It's no fault but my own that "You've got questions, we've got answers" led a lot of newcomers to post questions under Feedback that really belonged elsewhere. I've been generally laissez-faire about it up until now, but I think it's finally time I cleared up some confusion.

1. As the new description states, Feedback is for posting questions/suggestions about the forum. Questions about Sylvanian Families belong in one of the Sylvanian-specific forums (likely The Plaza or Collector's Corner); other questions belong in General Discussion.

2. I've moved all off-topic threads under Feedback to their relevant forums as best I can. If you come here and you don't see your topic, don't panic; it's just been relocated and should be easy to find if you look. Future off-topic threads will also be moved.

3. Technical questions will be considered on-topic, so if you have any trouble getting something to work on the forums, feel free to ask here.

Thank you for your understanding, and apologies if this causes any further confusion.

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