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Forum Rules

Forum Rules

We are a friendly and chatty message board and come from all walks of life and from all around the world. All collectors are welcome no matter how big or small your collection is. To help you to settle in and get to know everyone on the boards we do ask that you make an introductory post BEFORE you begin posting on the boards. As we continue to grow in membership numbers this ensures that we keep the Sylvanian Families collecting community as safe and friendly as we possibly can. In your post if you let us know about you and your collection, for example, how long you have been collecting, what ranges or items you collect and a random fact or two is always welcome too. Once you have introduced yourself we can pretty much guarantee that members will drop by to say hello and welcome you to the boards. Please familiarise yourself with the rules of the forum which is a sticky topic in the “Introductions” and “Announcements” section.

Posting on the forums

The forums are divided into different subsections. Please try to keep on topic and post in the right area. This helps people to respond to your posts and helps others who are looking for information. Before posting try to see if there is already a similar topic open. Unfortunately there is no option to merge threads together and it can get mega confusing if there are several topics on the same thing open and active at the same time.

If you need to add something to a topic and were the last person to post please edit your post rather than adding a new one. Please ensure any posts added to the topic are relevant and add something to the discussion. Please avoid comments like “Okay” or just adding smiley faces. This is fine if with a relevant comment.

We discourage necroposting and reviving topics which are long out of date. Please check the date in the bottom left hand corner of a post to see how old a topic is before posting. We do have some long standing topics and some sticky topics which are the exception to this rule. Also please try not to cross post – this means posting the same topic in every sub section.

If you need something deleting please add something to draw the moderators’ attention to it so we can remove it as soon as is realistically possible.

Please avoid using text speak. Common internet abbreviations are acceptable.

For example, lol (laugh out loud)
But please avoid words like l8r, u2u
English is not the first language of everybody on the boards because we are a worldwide community. It can be confusing when faced with reams of text speak. A separate section is under construction for specific Sylvanian Families abbreviations. These are obviously acceptable to use of the boards.

Any content posted needs to be family and children friendly. Any offensive or inappropriate content will be removed.

Membership on the forums

As mentioned in the new members section anybody is welcome on the forums. We do ask that you post in the new members section once you have registered and tell us a little bit about yourself and your collection.

From time to time we do get new members offering to sell items or asking for price checks. Whilst anybody can register we are a close knit friendly community who will help people. But if you opt to be a member of the boards please do not offer items for sale then disappear. We welcome active members of the collecting community and whilst we will help you sell your items, established members may initially be wary of buying from someone they do not know.

Sales and trades on the forums

We have sections for trades and sales on the forums. We do ask that these remain Sylvanian Families and toy related. We will actively take down any post that we feel is spam or advertising services or products which do not fit the theme of the boards.

Before you trade or sell to someone, do your own research. Ask them if they have feedback elsewhere. We cannot be held responsible for trades or sales which go wrong or where items get lost. However, we do ask that if you are in a trade or sale with somebody you remain on the boards and are contactable until a trade or sale is completed. Members often offer up items for sale either privately or via sites such as Etsy or Ebay. These are a useful source for finding figures, buildings and furniture.

If you are a child or underage member of the boards we do request that you do not trade, sell or buy without your parent or guardian’s permission.

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