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Hello all

Hello all,

I'm Chihiro. I've been collecting Sylvanian Families on and off since I was 6.

When I was younger I spent my time between Tokyo and Hongkong. I now study in England.

I was a member of the Japanese Sylvanian Families Club and they would send leaflets every month. I still have them so if anyone is interested I will be glad to post some photos of them once I get back home.

Because they sell both UK and Japanese versions in Hong Kong, my collection is mostly Japanese with a couple of UK figures.

I will be visiting Grinpa this summer and am very excited!

Now I am collecting only Urban Life and Japanese limited releases.

It's great to meet you all!!
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Re: Hello all

Hi! I'm Ryusui, and I'm here to direct you to the new forums at!

Hope to see you there soon!

In all your journeys, have you seen the land beyond the mountains green?

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