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Hello all

Hello all,

I'm Chihiro. I've been collecting Sylvanian Families on and off since I was 6.

When I was younger I spent my time between Tokyo and Hongkong. I now study in England.

I was a member of the Japanese Sylvanian Families Club and they would send leaflets every month. I still have them so if anyone is interested I will be glad to post some photos of them once I get back home.

Because they sell both UK and Japanese versions in Hong Kong, my collection is mostly Japanese with a couple of UK figures.

I will be visiting Grinpa this summer and am very excited!

Now I am collecting only Urban Life and Japanese limited releases.

It's great to meet you all!!
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Re: Hello all

Hi! I'm Ryusui, and I'm here to direct you to the new forums at [sign in to see URL]!

Hope to see you there soon!

In all your journeys, have you seen the land beyond the mountains green?

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